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Welcome to Gora-Kansuiro!

Gora-Kansuiro is an authentic traditional Japanese Hotel("Ryokan") located in the heart of the beautiful landscape of Hakone in the area of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Only a 3 minute walk from the Gora Station will bring you to the serene, tranquil Gora-Kansuiro, consisting of 14 luxurious guest rooms and a lavish Japanese garden.

At our hotel, guests can experience the real "Ryokan" atmosphere and enjoy our fine traditional Japanese cuisine. You can take a bath at night in our open-air natural hot springs under a sky full of stars and birds singing will wake you up the following morning.

A wonderful, relaxing and luxurious experience awaits you in the oasis of peace.

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History of Over a Century

For hundreds of years, Hakone has been a resort destination for those who are in search of total and complete relaxation.

In the late 19th century, the Hakone Gora area was primarily developed as a summer resort area exclusively for the high society. In 1911, Odakyu Electric Railway Company undertook a project to develop 122 ha of land and built villas for celebrities and the aristocracy. The company also created the 3.6 ha Gora Park, which is well known for its beautiful rose garden and French rock garden.

The property known as Gora-Kansuiro was inaugurated in 1914 in the Odakyu-developed area as a private country house owned by Baron Yasuya Iwasaki, the third son of Yataro Iwasaki, who was the founder of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu, a large Japanese industrial conglomerate. The baron created a beautiful 2.0 ha Japanese garden, Given the birth of this sumptuous property, Gora became a favorite hot spring resort of the high society.

After the WWII, the Zaibatsu was forced to be dissolved and the Gora-Kansuiro was re-opened as a hotel in 1949 by Niroku Suzuki, a local entrepreneur. He also named the beautiful Japanese garden "Kaseien" which today is abundant with numerous types of plants, century-old trees and rocks covered with moss placed along the hills.

Gora-Kansuiro became well known particularly after the Showa Emperor and Empress stayed in the room named "Kinkatei Hashuan" in the Autumn of 1955. The Emperor and the Empress greatly enjoyed the wide variety of dishes served and the spectacular view of the massive "Daimonji(big character)" bonfires burned at night on the mountainside. It was the first time that the Imperial family stayed outside the Imperial Palace at a hotel. Today, the very same room is available to all guests.

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Guest Rooms - Full of Character and Comfort

A Japanese guest room usually contains following areas and/or equipments.

  • the "agari-kamachi" (after opening the door guests step into this small area and take off their shoes)
  • "shoji" (sliding paper doors) which separates the agari-kamachi from the room
  • "tatami" mat flooring (reed floor matting)
  • low wooden tables
  • "zabuton" (sitting cushions)
  • futon (sleeping quilts)
  • a "tokonoma" (an ornamental alcove built into the wall used for placing flower vases and hanging scrolls)
  • an "oshiire" (a closet for futon sleeping quilts)
  • an "engawa" (a glass enclosed sitting area separated from the room by a shoji)

The Gora-Kansuiro has 14 Japanese-style rooms with traditional architectural designs, such as straw tatami-matted flooring and shoji paper sliding doors. In the main building, there are seven rooms. Three more rooms are located in the building's annex section along with two banquet rooms. There are four Japanese-style villas called "Hanare" located more remote from the main building.

Two-story main building ("Issho-tei")
Room Size in ㎡
(sq. ft.)
Rooms rate per person per night
(incl. breakfast & dinner)
Hot spring
No. of
Weekday Saturday &
before holiday
A Kasei(1F) 23(247) 1 ¥33,000~ Private
2 ¥25,000~ ¥28,000~
1 ¥30,000~   Shared
2 ¥20,000~ ¥23,000~
3 ¥18,000~ ¥21,000~
2 ¥23,000~ ¥26,000~ Shared
3 ¥21,000~ ¥24,000~
4 ¥20,000~ ¥23,000~
2 ¥32,000~ ¥35,000~ Private
3 ¥30,000~ ¥33,000~
4 ¥28,000~ ¥31,000~
5-8 ¥25,000~ ¥30,000~
Annex "Shunju-tei"
Room Size in ㎡
(sq. ft.)
Rooms rate per person per night
(incl. breakfast & dinner)
Hot spring
No. of
Weekday Saturday &
before holiday
H Tsuki(1F) 31(334) 1 ¥33,000~   Shared
2 ¥20,000~ ¥23,000~
3 ¥18,000~ ¥21,000~
I Sakura(2F) 38(409) 2 ¥30,000~ ¥33,000~ Private
3 ¥28,000~ ¥31,000~
4 ¥25,000~ ¥28,000~
J Yuri
41(441) 1 ¥33,000~   Private
2 ¥25,000~ ¥28,000~
3 ¥23,000~ ¥26,000~
Four isolated "Hanare" guest villas
Room Size in ㎡
(sq. ft.)
Rooms rate per person per night
(incl. breakfast & dinner)
Hot spring
No. of
Weekday Saturday &
before holiday
K Kinkatei 3BR with
2 baths
2 ¥35,000~ ¥40,000~ 2 private
3 ¥33,000~ ¥40,000~
4 ¥33,000~ ¥40,000~
5-9 ¥30,000~ ¥35,000~
L Yamamichi 1BR with
2 ¥30,000~ ¥33,000~ Private
3 ¥28,000~ ¥31,000~
4 ¥25,000~ ¥28,000~
1BR with
2 ¥30,000~ ¥33,000~ Private
3 ¥28,000~ ¥31,000~

* Prices above do not includ tax.
* Different seasonal rates may apply.
* Room rates are subject to change without prior notice.
* Check-in from 14:00 Check-out at 10:00
* Room Standard Amenities

  • Face towels
  • Bath towels
  • Tooth brushes
  • Combs
  • Razors
  • Shower Caps
  • Hairdryer

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Fine Japanese Cuisine "Washoku" - World's Intangible Cultural Heritage

At Gora-Kansuiro, breakfast and dinner are served. Your attendant will gently explain each dish as she serves the food. This is believed to be the best way to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. Our menu varies according to the different seasons in order to offer you always fresh, best-quality food.

"Kaiseki" cuisine is served at dinner. "Kaiseki" is highly refined cuisine which emphasizes the use of top-quality seasonal ingredients.

A traditional "Kaiseki" menu consists of one soup and three basic types of dishes: Sashimi(raw fish), Yakimono(grilled dish) and Nimino(boiled dish). The course includes a minimum of seven dish,

Each prepared and beautifully presented as in the finest Japanese tradition. You can also enjoy cold or hot sake.

Breakfast is served between [7:00 and 9:00am]. Your attendant will cheerfully call out, "Ohayo-gozaimasu!"(good morning in Japanese) to make sure that you are ready in time for breakfast as it is served.

The Japanese-style breakfast includes steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish, tofu, egg dish, Japanese pickles and much more. Western-style breakfast is also available at your request.

Seasonal Kaiseki Menu
Seasonal Kaiseki Vegetarian Menu

* Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

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Natural "Onsen" Hot Springs - Utmost Relaxation

Guests coming to Gora-Kansuiro expect with excitement the opportunity to take a natural hot spring bath, "Onsen". Bathing in a spacious bathtub soothes away fatigue and stress. Hakone, which is surrounded by volcanic mountains, is known worldwide for its Onsen and Gora-Kansuiro has two natural hot spring sources right on its property.
We attach the hot spring tabs in all of the bathing facilities to fully satisfy our guests.

The open-air bath is called "Rotenburo" which is located in front of "Kaseien", the Japanese garden. You can enjoy bathing with the pleasant breeze blowing over the hot water surface. There are two outside baths, one for male and another for female. We also have two indoor hot spring baths separated for male and female guests.

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By train

From Tokyo (1 hour & 30 minutes):
Take the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from the Tokyo station to Odawara station. Then, change to the Odakyu Line at the Odawara station and get off at Hakone-Yumoto station.

Change train again to the Hakone Tozan Railway destination Gora.

After a 50 minute ride, leave the train at the Gora terminal station and a 3 minute walk will take you to Gora-Kansuiro.

From Osaka (3hours & 20 minutes):
Take the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from the Shin-Osaka station to Odawara station. Follow instructions above from Odawara.

By car

From Tokyo (1 hour & 30 minutes):
Drive on the Tomei-EXPway to Atsugi IC. Pay toll at Atsugi IC, then drive on the Odawara-Atsugi Road (toll road). Passing through Odawara IC, the road ends and merge to Route 1. From there, a 30 minute drive takes you to Gora-kansuiro.

From Nagoya
Drive on the Tomei-EXPway to Gotenba IC and change there to Route 138. A 30 minutes drive takes you to Gora-Kansuiro.

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Contact us

Postal code: 250-0408
Address: 1300, Hakone-Machi Gora, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Telephone: 0460-82-3141(+81 460-82-3141)(Reception from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
Fax: 0460-82-3143(+81 460-82-3143) (24 hour)
E-Mail: info@gourakansuirou.co.jp

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